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Join us for this strategic discussion about what it means to be an “Embedded Church”, covering everything from mission and vision to facilities and finances!

May 20, 20208:30AM – 1:30PM 

(doors open at 8:00am for continental breakfast & fellowship)

Prestonwood Baptist ChurchThe Connection Room A210-A2116801 W Park BlvdPlano, TX 75093

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Establish your Strategic “Blueprint” 

We believe that everything from mission and vision to facilities and finances are all part of the same strategic conversation. We look forward to beginning that conversation with you!

Create an Embedded Identity in your community

Is your church filling a need in the community that would be greatly missed if you were not there? Learn some great new ideas to help break down cultural barriers and become a more integral part of your community.

Save money on your next building project

Learn how to avoid some of the most common mistakes of the construction process and reduce up-front construction costs as well as long-term maintenance and operation expenses.

Financially Sustainable Ministry

Learn about opportunities to partner with for-profit businesses in your community to reduce overhead costs and create a catalyst for ministry outreach and Kingdom impact.

Something for every church leader

Whether you’re planning a building or remodel project, have questions about funding options, or you’re looking for support in becoming a stronger, healthier ministry, this seminar has something for everyone!


The church is not a building…It’s a movement. Although physical space is not a pre-requisite for carrying out the Great Commission, it can be a powerful ministry tool in advancing the movement of Jesus Christ. Learn how Building God’s Way is helping churches all across the U.S. to rethink the way they utilize their facilities and plan for future growth.

Changing our Perspective: Digging Wells vs. Building Temples. What story does your building tell about the kind of church God has called you to be? In order for ministries to thrive in the 21st century, we must begin the work of changing the community’s perception of the local church. We must communicate clearly with our buildings and our outreach that we are a part of the community and not isolated from it – that our purpose is to serve, not to condemn. Church architect Don Mahoney will share how your facility can become a greater ministry tool in the community by moving from a consumer-centered to a community-centered focus.

Community-Centered Design Strategies. Learn about the latest design strategies for worship, social gathering areas and children’s ministry spaces that will help you create a more meaningful experience for visitors and bring both regular attendees and unchurched people into your building 7 days a week. Learn about a unique and collaborative 3-day charrette design process, the first step toward establishing your facility vision for the future.

There’s a Better Way. The stories of church building programs gone awry are plentiful. How do we best exercise good stewardship of both our finances and our property, while at the same time creating space that is relevant, aesthetically pleasing, flexible and truly built for the ages?

     An in-depth look at how to move through the process of building!     

“Great information and exactly what our Church needed as we navigate through the complicated process of expanding our Ministry Center. A no nonsense approach towards becoming an embedded church in our community along with an in-depth look at how to move through the process of building, with an emphasis on integrity and accountability at every phase.”

Bill Meadows

Farmdale Church of the Nazarene,

Louisville, KY

mission & vision

Becoming an “Embedded Church” in your Community. Community doesn’t just happen by accident. We must break ground and cultivate a culture that invites people in. We must come to a place where we truly believe there is no “us and them”, there is just “us”. Matt Roberts, Senior Pastor of The Genesis Project Church and CEO of The Genesis Fund National Church Planting Network, will share some keys from his book, The God of New Beginnings, that can help you create a culture that allows people to belong before they believe.

Shepherding your Congregation through Change. No matter where your church is in its story, one of the hardest things you will ever do as a leader is to shepherd your congregation through change. Change can be scary. It challenges our comfort zones, stretches our faith and can be a divisive force if not led through with deliberate discernment and care. We live in a world that is changing faster than ever. 100 years ago, very little changed in one’s lifetime. Today, the culture and economy of our world seems to experience radical upheaval every few years. Learn how to embrace this catalytic culture head on through practical and intentional strategy that takes stock of where we’ve been and looks through eyes of faith into the future.


Creating Economic Engines that Fund Missional Movements. Church facilities have traditionally been among the least utilized buildings in America, sitting empty throughout most of the week. Learn how your church can leverage for-profit partnerships to maximize the use of their building and help offset overhead costs. Discover what community embedment, Gospel change and facility financial sustainability look like in your context. Learn how to uncover the highest and best use of your property and become better stewards of all that God has given you.

Financing your Ministry Dream. Explore the advantages and risks of financing options for your next building expansion, remodel or debt re-finance. Hear from Bill Dodson of Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, a firm that currently manages more than $228 billion in assets. Bill has directly managed the origination, distribution, or funding of hundreds of millions of dollars in financing for churches nationwide. With offices across the country, Bill and his team provide a wide range of debt financing vehicles to ministries, from traditional fixed rate bonds to bank loan placements, from the simplest to the most complex situations. 

“Lunch & Learn” breakout sessions

After the morning presentations, join us for lunch at your choice of 2 breakout sessions that include Q&A: 

Breakout 1: Construction & Financing – We believe that the world’s way of putting buildings together is fundamentally broken, as cost over-runs, conflict and delays have become more and more the rule than the exception. Join BGW Principal Architect Don Mahoney and local BGW church construction partners for a discussion about the unique Building God’s Way approach that is focused on delivering the highest level of stewardship, God-honoring relationships and intentional ministry outreach. Bill Dodson, Managing Director of Religion Finance for Stifel, Nicholas & Company, will also be available to answer any construction financing-related questions.

Breakout 2: Mission & Vision – Seasons of significant change can be challenging for churches and their leaders. Fresh perspective from industry experts and other pastors can help provide clarity and get your team moving in the same direction. Join Pastor Matt Roberts for an introduction to BGW partner organizations that can come alongside your ministry as you navigate a path forward, assisting in the areas of growth, strategic planning, embedded ministry coaching, branding & awareness, and capital campaigns.


Matt Roberts

Lead Pastor of The Genesis Project National Church NetworkMatt is the Founder and Lead Pastor of The Genesis Project, a church based in Ogden, Utah that has grown to a multi-site movement in 6 communities across the nation reaching thousands every week. He began his ministry as a youth pastor in the inner cities of Tampa, FL and Portland, OR. In addition to his present ministry in Utah, Matt consults with churches and denominations all across the country that are seeking to reach into dark places with the hope of Jesus. Matt’s new book, The God of New Beginnings“, shares the story of The Genesis Project and their intentional focus on reaching the marginalized and desperate people in our cities, including drug addicts, convicts, strippers, and gang members.  Through these dramatic stories, Matt offers practical wisdom to pastors for breaking through the darkness in a person’s life and creating a culture that allows people to belong before they believe.

Don Mahoney

Principal Architect & President, Building God’s Way

Don has one of the most extensive backgrounds in worship and performing arts architecture, designing prominent facilities all across the U.S. throughout his 35 year career. Don leads a team that has designed nearly 900 ministry projects across the country and he has been recognized with a number of awards for innovative and creative church design. Throughout his career, Don has emphasized the need to maintain solid stewardship principles during the design process and he specializes in helping ministries to cast their vision through creative master planning and preliminary design concepts. 

Mark DeYmaz

Author & Founder of the Mosaix Global Network

A recognized leader in the Multi-ethnic Church Movement, Mark DeYmaz planted the Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas in 2001; co-founded the Mosaix Global Network in 2004; and launched Vine & Village in 2008, a non-profit advancing justice and economic development in Little Rock, AR. His column, Mosaic, appears in each issue of Outreach Magazine. More recently, Mark established the Mosaix Institute at the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, in partnership with Ed Stetzer. Mark has written seven books, including his latest, The Coming Revolution in Church Economics which describes a fundamental shift that must take place for churches to not only survive but thrive in the future.  

William Cooper 

President, CCG Construction 

CCG Construction, a division of S&B Construction, is a leading faith-based general contractor that has completed a wide range of ministry-based projects in 20 different states throughout Texas, Louisiana & the Midwest region. The company was founded in 1972 and launched its ministry projects division in 1996. Since that time, the company has been blessed to work with over 70 churches. William Cooper and his team truly view their company as a ministry and they leverage their expertise in the construction industry to be a blessing to churches and Christian schools. The company is comprised of men and women who are active in their own church communities and truly understand the importance of developing a strong and deep relationship with each ministry client. 

Bill Dodson

Managing Director of Religion Finance – Stifel, Nicolaus & Co.

Bill has more than 18 years of church and not-for-profit financing experience. He has directly managed the origination, distribution, or funding of hundreds of millions of dollars in church financing for ministries nationwide and serves as lead banker for structuring taxable bonds issued by churches, schools, and not-for-profit organizations. Bill received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin and later earned his Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. He is also a graduate of the SIFMA Securities Industry Institute at The Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) and the Wharton/SIA Branch Management Leadership Institute.

All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the book, The God of New Beginnings,  authored by seminar presenter, Matt Roberts.

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