Corn Bible Academy – Clinton, OK

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Corn Bible Academy

Clinton, OK

Project Description

42,364 SF New Construction of high school / junior high school building

Project Scope

Gymnasium, Classrooms, Library, Chapel, Music Hall, Cafeteria

Project Completion Date

Under Construction

Corn Bible Academy is a Christian junior high and high school located in Corn, a small town in western Oklahoma. The fifth oldest Christian school in the U.S. and the oldest west of the Mississippi River, the school attracts students from the local area and around the world. In 2016, the Board of Directors of Corn Bible Academy decided to relocate and expand beyond current facilities to serve a student population with growth of more than 250%. The goal is to position CBA to both expand its programming and grow the school’s competitiveness across all measures.

This beautiful new facility will feature a gymnasium with one main basketball court and two practice courts along with a volleyball court and locker rooms. The gym can been seen and accessed from the school cafeteria, which will function as a multi-purpose room that can expand into event space when needed. The building will also include a 200-seat worship center and a large lobby / gathering space.

The large music hall will serve as a practice area for the school orchestra and choir and features splay walls and ceiling clouds with acoustical insulation that will aid in sound quality. Computer, biology and chemistry labs will be located just down the hall. The library is designed to have a light and fun atmosphere with bulbous hanging ceiling clouds, large skylights and plenty of intimate study space. Classrooms and offices will line the hallway near the main entrance. Other features will include a commercial kitchen, paved patio area with tables and chairs, teacher’s lounge, nurses station and plenty of storage rooms. The modern exterior will be a combination of stucco and brick with concrete and wood accents and an oversized canopy entrance. 

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