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No matter where your church is in its story, one of the hardest things you will ever do as a leader is to shepherd your congregation through change. Change is always scary. It challenges our comfort zones, stretches our faith and can be a divisive force if not led through with deliberate discernment and care. We live in a world that is changing faster than ever. A hundred years ago, very little changed in one’s lifetime. Today, the culture and economy of our world seems to experience radical upheaval every few years. Our goal at BGW is to embrace this catalytic culture head on as the Church. We believe that this is best done through practical, intentional strategy that takes stock of where we’ve been and looks through eyes of faith into the future.

STRATOPA Strategic System Designed to help your organization Grow

If your ministry is asking questions like “What’s our vision?”, “How do we make a greater impact?” or “How do we move forward from here?”, you could benefit greatly from intentional strategic planning to bring about alignment, growth, and clarity. One of the best systems we have come across for effective strategic planning is the StratOp system.

Most strategic planning processes move as quickly as possible from perceived problem to assumed solution, missing key insights that bring about meaningful change and long-term unity.  StratOp is different, emphasizing perspective first. When we first understand where we are and how we got here, our plans for the future are built on sharper insight and provide more effective solutions.

More than a one-time planning event, StratOp is a full system that moves from big picture vision to practical action steps. It is a proven process that has helped hundreds of churches and non-profits as well as for-profit companies, professional sports teams and even governments.


Our friends at Headwind Planning Solutions are not only certified in facilitating the StratOp system, they are also experienced ministry leaders and church planters. More than just consultants, they are uniquely equipped to help your leadership team bring clarity out of uncertainty and help facilitate meaningful growth.


Owner Mark Orphan is the Executive Pastor at The Genesis Project in Fort Collins, CO and has facilitated the StratOp planning process with many faith-based organizations, including the leadership of BGW Architects. If your ministry is looking to achieve greater clarity, alignment, momentum and growth, learn how Mark and his team can help.


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