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A majority of churches today are investing only a fraction of their budget towards fulfilling their actual mission. A large percentage of ministry resources are consumed by facilities and overhead costs. But what if churches began to view their facility as a financial opportunity instead of a financial liability? Over the last 5 years, the idea of merging financially sustainable, for-profit business within church facilities has become a hallmark of BGW projects.


BGW has assembled a “stable of experts” that continues to grow. These strategic business partners can support your ministry in the integration of for-profit models such as pre-K child care centers, senior care facilities, cafes, shared work spaces, athletic centers and more. 

Check out the latest video below from one of our strategic business partners, Pathways Learning Academy. This is just one example of how these industry leaders can support your ministry in utilizing your facility more effectively 7 days a week, while generating revenue that can help reduce overhead costs.


BGW and its strategic business partners have joined together with The Genesis Fund for the purpose of funding and equipping a church planting and revitalization movement. The Genesis Fund is a non-profit church planting organization that is focused on proclaiming the hope of the Gospel in some of the hardest and darkest communities in our nation. It offers a church for the outsider and for the marginalized that preaches the love of Jesus with no strings attached.

The Genesis Fund is a sister organization of Genesis Project, a church based in Ogden, Utah that has grown to a multi-site movement in 6 communities across the nation reaching thousands every week. Pastors Matt Roberts and Rob Cowles have co-authored the book, The God of New Beginnings, which shares some dramatic stories of how they are breaking through the darkness in people’s lives and creating a culture that allows people to belong before they believe. Reaching drug addicts, convicts, strippers, and gang members, they are seeing God do amazing things with seemingly hopeless lives. 

In addition to direct financial support from BGW, our strategic business partners are also committed to investing a percentage of each financially sustainable ministry project into mission of The Genesis Fund.


The exploration of financially sustainable models begins with an extensive feasibility study at no cost to the ministry, to ensure that every church we work with understands the opportunities as well as the limitations directly out of the gate. This 5-step process begins with an introductory “Story Call”, during which we seek to understand the history of the church and key decision makers and gather key metrics like the church’s financial situation, growth trajectory, church polity and government. The proceeding steps include a demographic report, a feasibility study from our strategic business partners and a 12-month strategic game plan, followed by on-going coaching and pastoral care.


We have pastors on our team that act as your personal liaisons to all these tools, resources and our strategic business partners. They will fill the role of church strategy consultants. Why? We love pastors and churches and continue to focus on this purpose: funding and equipping a church planting and revitalization movement.

Church Builder Speaker

Matt Roberts 

Founder & Lead Pastor of the Genesis Project Church

Ogden, UT

Matt is the founding/lead pastor of Genesis Project in Ogden, Utah, a church that has grown from one local site to become a model in multiple cities and towns across the United States. He began his ministry as a youth pastor in the inner cities of Tampa, FL and Portland, OR. In addition to his present ministry in Utah, Matt has consulted with various churches and denominations seeking to reach dark areas with the hope of Jesus. He and his wife, Candice, are the parents of four sons.

Church Builder Speaker

Jason Manarchuk

Founder of Sprout Consulting

Jason brings a wealth of expertise to the BGW Network as the founder of Sprout Consulting which provides organizations with strategic direction, branding, team facilitation and cohesion. He is a growth consultant and sales and marketing leader with a multi-disciplined background in business and non-profit environments. Jason is an expert in leveraging strategic planning, marketing & awareness, and sales development to grow and strengthen businesses as well as churches. While demonstrating a consistent track record of leading creative market breakthroughs, he deeply invests in the people around him and carries full ownership of processes and outcomes.

Church Builder Speaker

Kyle Hill

Executive Pastor, Genesis Project Church

As an experienced commercial real estate executive, Kyle is a valuable resource for churches that are considering property acquisition or sale. He is highly skilled in real estate strategy and sales negotiation and can help ministries navigate issues such as zoning changes that can have a huge impact on property values. Kyle offers a strong entrepreneurship background as well as a solid business education, with a Master of Business Administration Degree from San Diego State University-California State University.

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