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The BGW concept was born out of a calling to transform the church construction and Christian school building process. We believe that the world’s way of putting buildings together is fundamentally broken, with waste, conflict and delays becoming more and more the rule than the exception. We believe there is a better way; one that is focused on delivering the highest level of stewardship of ministry resources, God-honoring relationships throughout the construction process, and intentional ministry outreach on every job site.


The construction of BGW projects is delivered through a nationwide network of builders that are leaders in church building and Christian school construction in their markets. These builders have all joined the BGW Network for a common cause, to help ministries build their vision while at the same time helping them to be the best possible stewards of their God-given resources.

“Working with Building God’s Way has been a true blessing. From the very beginning, they were fully vested to walk through this entire building process with us”

Brett Fuller, Senior Pastor

Grace Covenant Church – Chantilly, VA


Builders within the BGW Network work in close partnership with BGW Architects to deliver a unique project delivery model called the Trinity Partnership. We believe that this delivery model offers the best of the design-bid-build and design-build approaches, while avoiding some of the inherent downsides in these two typical delivery methods.

In the Trinity Partnership, the architect and church builder / Christian school builder are aligned from the very earliest stages of design, but unlike other models, both parties are separately contracted with and accountable to the client. At the beginning of every project, all three parties enter into a covenant relationship and agree to handle any issues that arise throughout the building project in a uniquely different way than the world handles them. With God in the center of the relationship, this approach seeks to transform the job site and reduce conflict, scheduling delays, and change orders, ultimately reducing costs on church building and Christian school projects. 

Church Builders


Through a unique series of pre-construction meetings, Builders within the BGW Network work with BGW Architects to build relationships with the subcontractors prior to completion of the construction documents. This allows the BGW team to incorporate valuable input and make necessary changes to the construction documents that can clear up any confusion and significantly reduce construction costs.

The Pre-Construction Stewardship (PCS) Program was also designed to leverage relationships and linkage that the ministry may have with local subcontractors that can lead to in-kind gifts or substantially discounted products or services. BGW has completed hundreds of these PCS Programs on church building projects as well as Christian school projects throughout the U.S. over the past 20 years, resulting in millions of dollars in gifts and donated materials.

“What was evident from the first meeting we had was that the BGW Team could get our project built. They had great suggestions on how it should be done and understood our desires. They worked diligently to help us design a beautiful functional facility at the least cost possible.”

Mike Mossburg, Executive Pastor

Brookhaven Church – McKinney, TX


The BGW Network of Builders is deeply committed to showing ministry clients how to impact workers on the job site with the love of Christ. An integral part of the Building God’s Way approach since 1997, The Ministry of Construction program offers churches and Christian schools a step-by-step guid to organizing a successful outreach effort during construction. We have seen God do amazing things throughout hundreds of church construction and Christian school building projects, as workers have been exposed to the life-changing message of the Gospel through simple acts of service.

BGW Ministry clients are provided with an in-depth program manual that includes valuable information on developing an effective organizational structure, organizing key ministry teams, identifying team leaders and conducting ministry fairs. Ministries also have access to a broad collection of outreach ideas that have been successfully conducted over the years, as well as strategies for safely incorporating volunteers, mobilizing prayer and publicity teams, and ideas for conducting ceremonies on the job site such as groundbreaking, grand opening, slab parties and more.

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