Church Architects and Church Builder

“We initially worked with another architect who designed a building that was nearly two-times our budget. Fortunately, BGW came at just the right time. From our first design meeting, we knew we had chosen the right team to complete our project.”

Steve Schellin, Senior Pastor

Southland Community Church – Greenwood, IN


At BGW, we believe that a ministry is most effective when it is fully immersed in its community and that buildings can play a key role in moving a ministry toward this “embedded” identity. From the earliest stages of design, our church architects focus on helping ministry leaders consider how their new facility can be designed to be a more effective ministry tool that meets the needs of the community, not just on Sundays, but 7 days a week, allowing them to engage with unchurched people in new and practical ways. This includes the idea of merging financially sustainable, for-profit business within church facilities, which has become a hallmark of BGW church building and church remodel projects.