Bellevue Baptist Church – Owensboro, KY

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Bellevue Baptist Church

Owensboro, KY

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Project Size

70,000 SF New Construction

Project Scope

Master plan with Worship Center,
Gymnasium, Classrooms, Commercial Kitchen, Indoor Playground

BGW Builder

Hargett Corporation

Project Completion Date

October 2008

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This congregation of 900 was meeting in facilities that had been pieced together through a variety of past additions. To better reach their community, the church purchased 95 acres, sold their existing facility to another church and envisioned a new facility in a new section of town. This vision was so clearly conveyed to the design team that the design was 95% finalized by the end of the 3-day preliminary design charrette.[vc_empty_space height=”18px”]

BGW designed a master plan that included a 70,000-square-foot worship center and outdoor space for recreational activities and team sports. The facility includes a 1,000-seat sanctuary, gymnasium, indoor playground, classrooms, commercial kitchen and office space. The epicenter of the design is the Gathering Place and Information Kiosk that generates vibrant fellowship within the facility. The sanctuary and this centralized lobby are surrounded by circular corridors extending to the classrooms and youth spaces.[vc_empty_space height=”18px”]

Special care was taken during all phases to study the feasibility of alternative systems and to ensure the building was completed on schedule. The relocation of Bellevue Baptist Church gave church members a new facility – constructed on time – and a return of $160,000 over the anticipated BGW construction cost.

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